Waste or reusable material retrieved from the medical treatment of an animal or human which includes diagnosis and testing, or from biomedical research, which included the production and testing of biological products.  Material that has come in contact with blood, body fluids or other potentially infectious material (OPIM).  Other potentially infectious materials means those body fluids identified as potentially capable of transmitting a communicable disease. 


Examples of Regulated medical waste:

  • Cerebrospinal fluid
  • Synovial fluid
  • Pleural fluid
  • Pericardial fluid
  • Peritoneal fluid
  • Amniotic fluid
  • Biological materials in labs (etiologic)
  • Saliva in dental procedures
  • Any body fluid visibly contaminated with blood
  • Unfixed human tissue or organ
  • Cell(s), tissue, organ cultures or culture medium containing  or other
  • potentially infectious material
  • Blood, organs or other tissues from  infected experimental animals
  • Bandages dripping with blood

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